18 June 2013

This summer

My quads tell me, this summer holiday will be legen-wait for it-dary!! 

When did they turn into Neil Patrick Harris?

03 June 2013


I won't claim I've 'taken to running', but it happens. Twice this spring is, well, two times more than all of last year...

But why? Why on earth??

Could it be...

- The taste of blood in my mouth?
- The sound of my near-asthmatic wheezing?
- The feel of insects in my hair and mouth?
- The odd and worryingly recurring inclination to run uphill and walk downhill...?


- The look of pride on my son(aka PT)'s face, when he sees I actually did it?
- The sense of being out and about
- The pride in managing to turn down that Coke I've offered myself while running...?


- That I can use an app for it, that will tell me how far I've gone and where?

Nah. That would be so childish. That must be it  ;)