15 December 2006

Rarity's back!

- If not with a vengeance, at least with this photo of last night's northern lights (in Oslo, no less). Beautiful picture?!! One of the web papers paid her to let them publish this, but I got to do it for free ;) Oh, and she's managing surprisingly well outside the blogosphere, but can occasionally be found here.


Anonymous said...

I could go to wikipedia, etc but I prefer it if you explain it to me...what's the northern lights? how does that happen? I didn't even know this existed...lol I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

lovely! I've never seen them before but have always wanted to. Maybe someday when I come visit you eh?

holy chaos said...

This is Natalie or Holy Chaos.
That is a cool pic. I like your blog. I like your previous post about walking out... i have 6 children and my husband and i sometimes dream of running away.lol
(just kidding)

My son loves a band from Finland. Have you ever heard of Apocalyptica? They are an all cello band that plays heavy metal.
He is amlost 15 and plays the cello.

Unknown said...

Wonderful picture, and thank you so much for bringing it to us. Someday, we can say we knew (sort of) rarity before she was famous!

author said...

Now I have finally switched to beta blogger-mode too, lot of stuff been going on here - have I really been gone that long?

Well, I'm not really back, but I'm glad to be part of Scholi's great blog - it's looking great after the re-decorating!

PS! Some pic's from Thailand over at my close to abandoned "View"