01 December 2005

Another historic moment...

6 AM. I get up after 6 hours sleep. But hey, that's more than usual. And I've only been up twice with two of the boys. The world is white, and it's still snowing. The kids'll love it.

7 AM. I'm handing out toothbrushs so the kids can do their thing while I'm packing their rucksacks and extra clothes in the car.

7.30 The kids are packed in the car. All seatbelts have been fastened. We're ready to go.

7.31 The car doesn't start.

7.32 The car still doesn't start.

7.33 Wondering whether screaming or crying will do the trick. Opt for neither.

7.34 Car still doesn't start! More wailing and gnashing of teeth.

7.35 I pour the kids out of the car. Try to ignore the steadily falling snow. I go back inside, locate reflectors for all, it's still pitch dark.

7.50 Off we go! Walk, that is. Hand in hand in hand in ...

8.06 Enter school. We see Jakob off to his classroom (classes start at 8.30, still time for breakfast!), say goodbye and move on.

8.15 Enter kindergarten! Make sure they're all there, and so's all their gear. More goodbyes.

8.40 On the boat. Breakfast!
9.25 Finally at work. I shake off the snow, change out of my (now) drenched snow boots and make a quiet cup of cocoa. Things can only get better...

(I pass the Storting every morning. Here's how it looks when it snows.)


Claire said...

that's quite a morning!

Cool building though. It's snowing here right now.

Cathy said...

oh, yeah for beautiful snow, but yuck to cars that don't start.

Sam said...

I really, really don't like snow.

And I don't like having to get up early - hence why I'll never end up living in Norway. Those summer photos were lovely, though.

Rainman said...

I just discovered your blog.
That sounds too tough to start your day with, but still I am jealous of the snow (everybody wants what they haven't got!) Amazing photo.