13 December 2005

Visitor no. 2,000!

Stopped by at 21:23:59 tonight. While I was out shopping for Christmas... Came "from / via Oslo, ISP Halogaland kraft". Spent a full 18 seconds reading my blog... Anyone feel they'd like to share with us who this might be? And if we can't make it out - visitors no. 1,999 - Riannan and no. 2,001 - Siljemor may share the position... Anyways, you're all very welcome, no matter what number you are, of course!

"I may sit in a corner and cry hey-ho for a husband..." Shakespeare wrote --- but even though I'm sitting in a corner (here), at least I don't have to cry out for bluddies! You're too kind, really, all of you...

1 comment:

Rarity said...

You go girl! - to bad you don't get money for every visit... should have adverts on you blog - it would fill the purse nicely!