30 June 2006

Robbie is just like football (soccer)

Americans don't get either...

I'm talking about Robbie Williams, of course.

Why? Well - we'll be going to see him tomorrow! My hubby and I. We'll hop on a coach for that exact purpose, pine through about 4 or 5 hours, hop off in Gothenburg (actually Göteborg, Sweden).

All of this means we'll miss out on England - Portugal! But I'm sure Robbie'll give it a mention on stage..

Now, try google for images of him, and you'll see his no Angel (although that's one of his biggest hits) - but actually, our kids were the ones who used to love Robbie. We've videotaped the then one-year old quads dancing to a Robbie show on tv - and recorded their singing selfmade versions of his lyrics at the age of three...

They're not really into him anymore, but hubby and I are still with him, and can't wait to see him live! He's been voted on many an occasion 'best live performance' - I'm sure we'll be content... Oh, and I might give it a mention on my blog, yes...

Then another few hours on the coach, almost an hour's drive in our car, home sometime early Sunday morning. Please, let the kids sleep in, someone...

On the road again (not me this time...)

My niece is moving to San Francisco. In July, just days after she turns 19. For a year only - she'll be working as an au pair - and her recent "acquisition" of a boyfriend here brings at least a hope she'll return next July. But still...

She was so tiny, making me an aunt for the first time. I was 19. (Don't even think to comment on my hair..)
Before she was born, I was sometimes wondering that my aunts made such a fuss over our birthdays and stuff - even those who lived far away - aunts were really very distant relatives, I thought. Then I became one, and I felt as if she'd been attached to me physically at birth. We've always been really close.

Now, the family she's going to in SF sound and look really nice. They want this year to be special for her, as well as her being special for their newborn son. I know she will be - she's always had a special knack with babies...

But for keeping her well - anything she ought to do and see in San Francisco, anyone? Or for that matter, something she really shouldn't do..? (She'll also be spending 3 days in NYC before moving to the West Coast. Going to classes, but having the afternoons or evenings off. In only 3 days - what's a must?)

I'll see if I can't talk her into starting a blog of her own to keep us (me) updated!

To Moncrief and anyone else wondering - she'll be staying in the actual city of SF, Buena Vista area I think we decided after a quick visit via Google earth...

There are the obvious things

that remind me of Greece -

The sound of Greek music (for example), the taste of Greek food, tales from all those friends who've either just been or are going to Greece this summer

Then there are less obvious things -

The taste of salt water, sweltering heat, the combined smell of sun lotion, dust, oleanders, exhaust and grilled meat

And then there are those with really subtle links -

The sound of a Harley engine, the smell from a septic tank... (I never did tell you about that Greek Adonis (really called Dimitris) who worked on a septic van one summer in Crete...?)

- Well, we're not going to Greece this year. I think everyone else I know have been or are going, which makes it somewhat worse. And here, summer has arrived. It's nice, it's warm, the water is above freezing point... I listen to Greek radio and eat water melons.

But it's not the same, is it...


21 June 2006

Waking Wednesday

Guess where I spent this morning..?

Status: no cavities, no tartar, the last remaining wisdom tooth is staying put... And only a slither of a scolding from my otherwise very charming Nicaraguan dentistesse for brushing my teeth too hard.

I know, slightly more information than you wanted just now...

But hey, the waiting room had some nice artwork, at least!

Back at work, I'm working (sic!) on football terms (very topical issue...), relieved England won't have to meet Germany in the last 16 - at least not until the final. They may get there!?!!

Ah, yes, I digress. Because I've also been thinking about new words to add. We've already got stuff like LOL - but I want to add things like 'bluddy', 'blogling' (Sam and I have a different definition than Collins, apparently) or 'bliend' amongst others.

Now, I can't really do that unless it's been used by some official sources, so I wondered if any of you have seen such blog terms of endearment being used by, say, a newspaper, online dictionary or other? Do put a link or hint in the comments.. (Sorry Sam, your blog is excellent stuff, but not quite the official standard of British language. Yet...)

19 June 2006

Filip's face

We were celebrating 4x6, house full of relatives, all seated and munching cakes. Answering his question, hubby told Filip that mum had baked that cake.

"Muuuummy baked this??!!!!"

Need I tell you the community were amused..?

(I had in fact baked two cakes. But as dear hubby had baked buns, cupcakes, layered cream cake and all the dinner stuff, his shock horror was well-aimed..)

Thanks to Kimananda for showing me the way to compose your own South Park kid.

But Rocambole was not dead...

Just a quick note to let you know I am alive. And rather well, thank you, as long as the Liverpool lads keep scoring for England (and said England avoids meeting Germany in the last 16)...
Crouchie and Mr. Gerrard himself

I've been thinking about this whole blog thing. (AND been watching the World Cup. AND been celebrating 4x4x6*) This new job is a lot more fun than the old, it has to be admitted, and also involves a lot more staying put in front of the screen, which actually makes it less tempting to repeat same in home...

When I started this blog it was partly because I felt I had something to say. Lately I've been considering - perhaps I've run out?

Run out of time, maybe, but not of things to say... So I'll keep reappearing here, only not quite as frequent. As Armaedes described it a few months back: "don't blog if you don't have anything to say. And certainly don't blog to say you don't have anything to say!" Of course, he puts a lot more elegance in the phrasing. And sarcasm... I was a bit put off at the time, as he also insisted people should not put automatic music on their blogs - and I had that at the time... (But I could see his point, even though I loved the song that kept playing on my blog it was rather annoying together with other stuff...)

And just when I was thinking about quitting, Moncrief Speaks left a comment, I have no idea where he found me (although he's also linking to dear Josh & Josh so perhaps..) but I was very pleased with a brand new commenter, just out of the blue. And his blog's good read.

So I guess I'll try and come back if I've got something to say, and try not to if I haven't..

Oh, the 4x4x6? 4 celebrations of 4 people's 6th birthdays. Yup, the quads have now officially turned 6, which we celebrated both on the day itself and last weekend and this weekend. (Saturday the quads and I went to an island near where we live - played football and caught crabs (no pun intended...), basking in the sun all day, while our oldest was in a friend's birthday party and my hubby was shopping and baking for Sunday's invasion of celebrators...

Yes, I've got an amazing hubby. I hasten to add - he also finds my lack of resentment towards football quite the asset...

08 June 2006

Too much fun!

No, really. My new job is everything I hoped it would be and then some. The only drawback is - being glued to the screen all day kind of deprives me of the hunger for repeating just that at home, so - much less blogging. So far.

Thanks to "d" and Merujo for helping me with those translations. The querist was ever so pleased.

And here's a look into MY office. Truly, I can live with that!

06 June 2006

Well, here goes..

3rd day at work and already I need help! Does anyone out there know what these 4 items are called in English? The first ones are gloves with half fingers and without any fingers. Then there's a serving tray with a stem, and finally a "honey spoon" (for want of a better word) - which usually is made out of wood but I couldn't find a photo of one like that.. Any suggestions?
And yes, this is me working. Ahh...

01 June 2006

The amazing Ms. T

Remember my friend T, who made the velvet lining for my iPod cover? Well, she's a silversmith by profession. Really. She's made me mobile "blings" and ear rings earlier. Well, we've all got our own jewellery designer these days, haven't we..?

But in earnest. She has now surpassed herself. Look at this:

and this:

It's a bracelet. A charm bracelet, but not as the definition goes. I'll explain.

These pieces, figurines, that the bracelet consist of, were originally drawings made by my kids! I had no idea she'd snuck them off behind my back (my hubby helping her), and been working away on this in the wee hours before daylight. Or some such thing.

Anyone who has children, knows children, wants to have children someday etc. etc. can probably imagine how proud this made me feel. And how proud my kids became! Here - I'll post the original drawings, and you can (possibly, if resolution is good...) see for yourself!

Jakob had made an eagle, as he's wont to (the lettering reads: to mum and dad, regards Jakob):

Anna, a girl:

This lion was Mathias' work. Yes, that's five LEGS. You've got such dirty little minds... (And you may have guessed that LØVE means lion. And that Mathias - along with the others - is very keen on letters of the alphabet these days!)
Filip's apple tree is on the bracelet along with Thomas' house. Now, that's what I call charms!

And T - you rock!