30 June 2006

There are the obvious things

that remind me of Greece -

The sound of Greek music (for example), the taste of Greek food, tales from all those friends who've either just been or are going to Greece this summer

Then there are less obvious things -

The taste of salt water, sweltering heat, the combined smell of sun lotion, dust, oleanders, exhaust and grilled meat

And then there are those with really subtle links -

The sound of a Harley engine, the smell from a septic tank... (I never did tell you about that Greek Adonis (really called Dimitris) who worked on a septic van one summer in Crete...?)

- Well, we're not going to Greece this year. I think everyone else I know have been or are going, which makes it somewhat worse. And here, summer has arrived. It's nice, it's warm, the water is above freezing point... I listen to Greek radio and eat water melons.

But it's not the same, is it...


1 comment:

Riannan said...

There will be other years...So many places, so little time.