06 November 2005


I really did spend time on a Harley :) This, as you can see, was taken in the seclusion of some valley (Θέρισσο, just outside Χανιά...) where I was free to grin madly!

(Yes, I did scan these from an album page, hence the other wheel in the upper corner...)

Here you can also see the proud owner of the awesome bike. I asked, and he didn't mind being published, so I lost the blindfold...

Nice view, huh?


Rarity said...

Vrooom vrooom!

Dirk the Feeble said...

Yeah, I like to fire up the chopper every now and then and shred some sweet pavement.

Mostly, I like the sound the bugs make bouncing off my teeth.

Sam said...

I ought to get a proper bike.

The only grinning I get is people laughing at me as I drive past.

Chloe said...

you were born to ride Harleys, you look so relaxed!

nikitas said...

thanks for your nice comment

να κανεις μαζι μου practice στα ελληνικα οσο θελεις

take care yourself

nice bike