17 November 2005

It's a start :)

The brown was kind of getting to me, I was beginning to feel claustrophobic... So by the help of the huge big book on HTML that
Rarity was kind enough to give me for my birthday, I've changed it to a way too bright blue! At least you can't say it's not different..

This is already my favourite book!


Claire said...

Tinkering with your blog can become addictive, but that's a good thing!

"D" said...

You are so pretty! And now we can't be twins anymore :) Can't wait to see whats next as you read more in your new book! And... happy birthday?

Rarity said...

Well, it certianly looks different ;o)

Well done, Scholiast!

btw Claire is very right to warn you - once you get started you'll be a junkie in no time!

PS! Glad you like the book!

Cathy said...

Looks nice, and I have to get myself a copy of that book!

Chloe said...

looks better, brighter, cleaner. I'd love to learn HTLM too!Whenever i try i mess it up completely and i have to call my friend Richard to fix my blog.

Riannan said...

Good to have a friend to fix your blog.
Happy birthday, Scholiast! Finally, you are a year closer to me!