23 November 2005

My knight in shining armour

I was 25. I went to a concert with my favourite band de Lillos. It was an 'all ages' show - but the bar was open on the balcony, which meant 18 years age limit upstairs. That's where I was with my friends.

Just before the concert I'd won a competition at a local radio station, and I went downstairs to collect the prize. One André, devilishly handsome radio dj, met me there and handed over my specially designed - and signed - LP... I turned to go back upstairs.

"ID?" the bouncer said. "ID?! I'm 25!!!" [Possibly I should have been flattered, but I was irate - the band was about to enter the stage and I needed to be where I could see them!] "Yeah, right..." "Really, I am! Look, my jacket with my ID is upstairs with my friends, just let me go up and..." "That's what they all say! Sorry, you've gotta stay here!"

Out of the mists of the crowd stepped André. He wasn't just gorgeous, he was also 6'4''. He put his arm around me. Looked down on the bouncer and said "she's with me." No more questions asked, André and I walked with ease up the stairs...

Of course, he let go of me up there and I haven't seen him since.
Of course, I was fully entitled to go upstairs anyway, I was over 18 and did have my ID up there.
Of course, I dreamt about my knight in shining armour for weeks, even though some sisters thought it was a condescending approach.

Oh no. Not condescending. I felt like a wee princess at his arms :) First time and last!


Riannan said...

I can dig it. Sometimes you are grateful for someone making something easier in your life, even if it was barely an effort for them.--and then you do--you feel disproportionately grateful.

It's OK.

Rarity said...

Yeah, sometimes we are a bit too sensitive about the condescending thing. It should still be ok for a guy to help a damsel in distress without the other girls (jealous no doubt) naming him the swine that he just may not be!

Chloe said...

there are a couple of people from the past that i remember for a special reason just like you do with this knight. and it's good that they existed even for a fleeting moment.
they make the past a brighter place.

"D" said...

I'm with Chloe - I can't get into the disproportionate gratefulness or the condescension - but I'm all about the "awwww...sweet!" and the reminiscing!

Claire said...

hey, whatever works when it's your fave band. And it's nice when someone steps in, even briefly, and makes your life easier.