14 November 2005

Fun(!) exercise

This will work wonders for your abs;

1) Shop at your nearest grocery store (NOT by car)
2) Take the trolley home with you (this is worth pledging your Union card for, students)
3) Empty the goods into your dwelling
(2 and 3 may provide exercise in itself!)
4) Take the trolley back - like this:

Jump up and land, belly down, on the handlebars. This may hurt even people of my stature, so you'll need to press your abs against the handlebars, and hold on to the rails as far to the front of the trolley as you can. Then you kick off and roll! The whole way to the shop. If it's all downhill, like it is for me, it's like rollerskating only less controllable and possibly less stylish...

This, by the way, will also give any spectator fab abs - they'll be laughing all the way home...

Now, depending on what groceries you bought and / or who devours them, this will easily outshine any old spinning or aerobics class! Yes, I have tried. (The trolley thing, that is...)


Riannan said...

1) First of all, fun exercise is an oxymoron.
2) Yes. It sounds stylish and just what I want to try. Maybe around the yard.
3) So, how was the birthday party?
4)WV yumjy--not so bad

Claire said...

I appreciate your civic-mindedness, returning the trolley and all. It'd be quite the hike for me, but I'm not above taking a handle bar ride in the parking lot.

Rarity said...

Ha ha ha! - In my mind I just saw you do perform that stunt! :oD

Chloe said...

i have done this exercise. my abs are far from fab though. must be devouring all that shopping afterwards

Scholiast said...

Riannan - thanks for reminding me of such an excellent word! And do try it around the yard... The birthday party was very nice, surprisingly, I might add, as none of the visitors knew more than me and tops one more - but they were all very civilised about it :)

Claire - I'd love to hear what your neighbours say about such a ride (after all, they already know your name...)

Rarity - next time you come over we'll ride side by side!

Chloe - the whole point of exercising is easing one's conscience about the chow, isn't it?