10 November 2005

No surprises

Whereas certain blogs have 200,000 hits and are still going strong, I've been waiting for hit no. 1,000... (There may have been the odd hit before I had Statcounter installed, but that was probably just me...)

And yesterday, just before I left work, I could see no. 1,000 had just visited! Hurray!

So who was it? *drumroll* no kidding... Rarity, the recent winner of a one-of-a-kind T shirt as visitor no. 200,000, was - of course - my visitor no. 1,000! (And it's not even counting for you to see, so it's not as if she could have planned this...)

I'm digressing... Congratulations! You're the winner of -- erh, fame & glory & pround mention here... And please, while you're at it, would you hand in a lottery ticket in my


Chloe said...

i'm so jealous! but hey, maybe i can be nr 2000

Riannan said...

Congratulations! Now on to 2000, and infinity!

BTW, have you had your birthday? Another milestone...you talked about it coming, but I haven't seen anything about it actually happening.

"D" said...

ooh girl, your so, like, popular! totally!

congrats on 1000, someday I hope to reach 10!

Rarity said...

I cannot freakin believe it - I'm certainly on a roll here!

But unfortunately the luck does *not* extend to lottery. I have my cupon in most every week (you can leave it in for ten weeks at the time, you know) and so far - not much!

But fame, glory and proud mention cannot be bought for money! Cheers!

mette said...

hei dette var jo gøy, jeg trenger vel ikke skrive på engelsk. Artig å lese
Klem fra MYL