01 June 2006

The amazing Ms. T

Remember my friend T, who made the velvet lining for my iPod cover? Well, she's a silversmith by profession. Really. She's made me mobile "blings" and ear rings earlier. Well, we've all got our own jewellery designer these days, haven't we..?

But in earnest. She has now surpassed herself. Look at this:

and this:

It's a bracelet. A charm bracelet, but not as the definition goes. I'll explain.

These pieces, figurines, that the bracelet consist of, were originally drawings made by my kids! I had no idea she'd snuck them off behind my back (my hubby helping her), and been working away on this in the wee hours before daylight. Or some such thing.

Anyone who has children, knows children, wants to have children someday etc. etc. can probably imagine how proud this made me feel. And how proud my kids became! Here - I'll post the original drawings, and you can (possibly, if resolution is good...) see for yourself!

Jakob had made an eagle, as he's wont to (the lettering reads: to mum and dad, regards Jakob):

Anna, a girl:

This lion was Mathias' work. Yes, that's five LEGS. You've got such dirty little minds... (And you may have guessed that LØVE means lion. And that Mathias - along with the others - is very keen on letters of the alphabet these days!)
Filip's apple tree is on the bracelet along with Thomas' house. Now, that's what I call charms!

And T - you rock!


Julie said...

Jøss, så stilig :D

mum said...

Absolutely incredible! a gift so valuable you will always have to wear it! Can't wait to see for myself! Love, Mum

Chloe said...

it's wonderful. the gesture and the finished product. congratulations to your friend, and to you for having found her.

Sam said...

That's so wonderful!

kimananda said...

That is such an amazing gift, not just from your friend, but your whole family.

Riannan said...

So great. What an heirloom.

just sayin' said...

That is so much better than any boring birthstone ring. Do you know I'm talking about? Sometimes mothers will wear a ring which has each child's birthstone in it. Does your friend have a web site?

Claire said...

I've never been much for charm bracelets, but that one is seriously cool.

Martin Stickland said...


I have replied to your message so I hope you get on with NVU instead of bluevoda!

Lucky you seeing John Cleese, did you ever get to watch any of the Faulty Towers programs in with him in?

Nice blog you have here, I will pop back soon.

Greetings from England!