31 May 2006

Mr. Comic Messiah himself

Now, as you guessed / found out - I went to see John Cleese yesterday. Yes! The one and only!! He was giving a lecture on creativity. Some of my colleagues were obviously expecting Python sketches for hours on end and were rather disappointed, but not me. I found him fascinating, and what he talked about quite something to think about too! He started off by telling a couple of stories from his time in Oslo... If I'm lucky, you can find one here, or maybe even here:
this is an audio post - click to play (For those who can't make it work - it's HIS voice...)
Now, I guess you can't really tell this is him at the stage, you'll just have to trust me...
Just before we were off to this happening (which was rather expensive, 820 kroner equals about $ 120 or £ 82 per person), several of "my" lawyers all of a sudden couldn't make it after all. Spouses and siblings were called, two appeared. Two friends also. But there were still two tickets left and the show was starting in 40 minutes, we were leaving.
I called Rarity. She couldn't find any bosslike persona but figured it was a once in a lifetime, left a note and joined us about 15 minutes later. At which time I'd just called another friend, TL, who did some similar escapism and joined us 5 minutes before it was about to start.
At least the three of us and T (my colleague / the ipodcoverliningmaker) loved it... Seeing JC in real life, having his brilliant wit pouring upon us for two hours, listening to casual remarks about Graham Chapman and Jamie Lee curtis... Say No More!


just sayin' said...

MasterCard would say, "priceless."

Sam said...

I'm so jealous!

Rarity said...

May I say (once again!) thank you ever so much for thinking of ME in your time of extra-tickets-crisis! I had a great time and though my expectations are high in regards to Monseur Cleese - I was certainly NOT let down.

An excellent afternoon!

(And I didn't even get in the slightest trouble at work - it was quite understood! - Lucky, lucky me!)

PS! We DO however sound like completely dense morons when laughing at the end of your sound recording...

Riannan said...

Most excellent. Just keep bouncing through life laughing like morons. It's the only way.