21 May 2006

We are not amused!

It's collective bargaining time. Which means strikes. My trusty boat has kept it going, at least some of the departures, but now they're going on total strike. Which means - no 23 minute, comfy boat ride for breakfasting and conversation, but 9-10,000 people trying to find their way around the fjord. That is, off this peninsula and into the already way too jammed traffic into Oslo. Alternatively, avoiding the worst traffic at the junction and trying to take a train from there. Which is already packed with commuters.

Last time the boats were on full strike, in 1993, it lasted for 3 weeks. I've got 7 more working days as a legal secretary. I really don't want to start my new job by not being able to get to work on time. Or at all..

I support the right to strike. And possibly the sailors are underpaid. But I really don't like it when it backfires on common folks, like us. Let's hope it doesn't take 3 weeks for the bosses to grant them higher wages..

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