27 May 2006

A quick preview into editing

3 more working days before I'll start my new job. Quite a few people ask what I'll actually be doing. So, to give you a hint, I'll set you a task! Here - two words:

1. Stupid
2. Drunk
(Imagine them both being in Norwegian, for sake of dictionary-making..)

As editor, I'll need to translate them. Now, these both have multitudes of synonyms. I'll give you a handful, then explain further.

1. foolish, silly, gormless, dumb, oafish, dense, thick, dim-witted
2. inebriated, intoxicated, pissed, well-oiled, pickled, potted, crocked, sloshed

The game (erh, sorry, the work!) is as follows:
- decide which words (translations) to choose, add or remove others,
- decide the order they should appear in,
- add more information. Informal? Slang? British? American? Taboo? Medical? Old-fashioned?
- then provide examples / expressions. (Thick as two short planks. Well and truly plastered.)
- keep it short, you're compiling a dictionary, not a novel...

If you think this sounds boring - be happy that I'm the one going to do this! And if you enjoy this kind of thing - feel free to finish this task...

- And for the best example ever of a row of synonyms, read - or preferably listen to - this!


Sam said...

That sounds really fun!

Cathy said...

it actually sounds like it could be fun....or not!....

Riannan said...

The job sounds like fun. The Monty Python is a hoot.

Merujo said...

Ah yes - the Norwegian Blue! He's pinin' for the fjords!! :-)

Seriously, why are all the Norwegians I know involved in translation work? Is it a cult in Norway? ;-) The Great Norwegian Linguist Cabal!!

I'm picking up little bits of Norwegian here and there from my friend who has learned the language (as the love of his life is in Kristiansand.) I can understand some simple phrases now, but I'm apparently hilarious to listen to if I try to read anything in Norwegian...