20 May 2006

Potsdamer Platz

For some reason I just couldn't wait to get to Potsdamer Platz while we were in Berlin, I think I went on about it from the moment we landed. When we actually got there, there wasn't much of a square (as Platz means) at all, but plenty to see nonetheless!

Looking into an art installation by Pythonist Terry Gilliam

This un-square square must be the obvious spot to take your geometry class...

The Sony Center


Claire said...

I really like that 2nd to last shot.

Thanks for sharing all these pics here and above. It's a pleasant spot of vicarious travel for me.

lisa schamess said...

ooooh. kewl photos.

how are you traveling so bloody much, and you a mom of many? You are entirely too organized and strongwilled for me.

What's my excuse? I go no where.

Bloody insular Yank that I am.