08 May 2006

"How do you tell someone they're not a good kisser?"

he said, and continued "we've been going out since forever, she'll be ever so mad if I were to tell her now!"

I was talking to my friend. He and his girlfriend have been together for years. He told me he'd been well known for his kisses in his time. I said I'd take his word for it...

"It's not that I don't like kissing her, but it's somehow all tongue, no lips. Passion, but no feeling... If I tell her now, though, she'll think I haven't been enjoying our time together. But I have! And if I don't tell her, well, nothing has changed... But sometimes I think it could have been even better."

I didn't have any advice. I understood his thinking. I'd probably be put off too, if my hubby'd told me there's been something missing all these years... Anyone know a way around this?


Riannan said...

It's all in the presentation. I wouldn't start with "Hon, there's something I've been meaning to tell you."
Say "let's try something new" or "let's go really slowly, lips only first, then move on". She'll get the hang of it. Then tell her how much you like it. Or show her.

Claire said...

That is a tough one. Riannan's got the right idea, I think.