28 May 2006

Try this

From Matt:

I am enjoying blogging and sunshine, simultaneously, at the moment
I want Liverpool to win Premier league next season
I wish I had a house in Greece
I hate spiders
I love holidays
I miss - can't think of anything right now!
I fear spiders
I hear my hubby coming home from football training
I wonder if I'll ever get that house in Greece
I regret not taking Brokeback Mountain (book) from my bag and reading it while sitting next to this guy on the bus (who's a happily married (registered partner) gay that lives close to us and that I really want to get to know) just because I had in fact finished it earlier that day and I'm such a bad actress I didn't think I could make a credible attempt at reading it - even though he's a sociable bloke and would probably have struck up conversation if I had
I am not quite as weird as you may be thinking right now
I dance only with my kids
I sing most of the time
I cry at happy endings, sad endings, Extreme Makeover, The Champ... But still not quite as often as I used to, and not always in discussions! - See, mum, I've grown ;)
I am not always happy about my own priorities
I make with my hands - now, it's hard to make anything with my hands when they're fixed to this keyboard...
I write because I love words
I confuse Greek and French. Not because I speak French (anymore), but because Greek somehow occupies the same space in my brain that French used to have, so when someone says Comment ca va I promptly reply καλά, ευχαριστώ...
I need a parallel universe where I can blog 24/7 without anyone finding me
I should possibly spend less time on this machine (and others, similar to this...)
I start my new job on Thursday!
I finish this post in a minute
I tag anyone so inclined.


business voodoo said...

I am ... pushing forward
I want ... to win the lottery
I wish ... my husband was not out of town
I hate ... weak people
I love ... the clear blue sky
I miss.... los angeles!
I fear ... the destruction of the u.s. from within
I hear ... a very loud desert bird
I wonder ... if i will travel off of planet earth
I regret ... not knowing when it was my parent's trip and that i wasn't 'wrong'
I am not sure ... about marriage
I dance ... as often as i can
I sing just fine ... but not everyone agrees with that
I cry ... as often as possible
I am not always ... anything
I make with my hands ... beautiful paintings
I write ... because I love words {ditto} and rhythm
I confuse ... what people say with what they mean
I need ... more discipline
I should ... watch my words more
I start ... new each moment
I finish ... what i start, except when i don't
I tag ... anyone else who random blog surfs just to have fun and connect with some random other person on planet earth ... or beyond!
peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

Claire said...

The Greek and French confusion made me laugh. I have the same problem with French and Italian.