16 May 2006


There's just so little time, what with 17th coming up etc. (More on that later.) But as some of you may know, I spent last weekend in Berlin, and I'll give you a quick look into the first leg of the journey:
- My local boat at sunrise / my packed lunch and bottle of water which I enjoyed on board

Arriving at the airport by train / My sis taking the last goodbyes before take-off

As viewed from the taxi: Brandenburger Tor / Siegessäule

Landing, literally, in the hotel room / view from same room (East Berlin, Weissensee area)

I'll get back to this. We loved Berlin! Two days isn't nearly enough though - we felt like those Americans (begging your pardon..) travelling "through" Europe in a week, saying things like 'it's Tuesday, so this must be Berlin'... But we saw enough to take a lot of photos! And to decide we'd better go back sometime.

Plans for tomorrow (erh, today) - generally ironing shirts and flags for the 17th!


Riannan said...

Looks wonderful. Weekend trips to Europe are all the rage for (ahem) Americans these days anyway.

Devil Mood said...

Berlin looks massive, in all senses of the word!
So what's on 17 th? Is it a holiday in Norway?

Christine said...

Ha about the Americans comment. So glad you had a lovely time and hope that you get to return for a longer (non-American-style) trip.

My Dad and my Uncle are in Norway as we speak (they went for the whole month, but picked May specifically because of Syttende Mai, of course).