20 May 2006

My perfect "room" that is just for me and me alone

"D" wrote an excellent response to my call for an explanation about the Roman helmet-wearing tricycle-riding dad, it's actually quite moving, go see for yourself! She also challenged me to respond with the above title, so I'll give it a go...

To be fair,
Devil Mood also undertook this challenge without thinking twice - you'll find her explaining-away here!


I started writing this post weeks ago - exactly a month ago, actually - and I have been thinking about it, at least. I found that my perfect "room" these days is having the time to do whatever comes to mind, to be impulsive. And that's what my sister and I did while in Berlin - we jumped on buses or stopped at monuments etc. whenever we felt like it, and the greatest treat - to us - was that we didn't have to get to anything at any special time...

(Here at Potsdamer Platz, my sister not usually so much shorter than me...)

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