09 May 2006

10th of May!

Today (well, actually tomorrow, as I write this) we'll be celebrating
Bono - one of my absolute favourites!

Today is also the birthday of a Welshman I know whose name doesn't scan (and he knows it). [Hi there!]

Last, but not in any way least - the world's greatest, most patient, fun and loving dad and husband, my husband, also celebrates his birthday today. And as by serendipity, so does his twin sister :)

All together now; For they are jolly good fellows, for they ...


mum said...

Congratulations to my grandchildren's father! Among other matters , I also have my English vocabulary extended by reading your blog, but: serendipity is not even in the big Norsk-engelsk/engelsk norsk you know so well. Slumpetreff??another good word for it? Have a nice day, love, Mum

Devil Mood said...

Well, happy birthday to all of them! That's a big group! :)