16 September 2005

The joys of eating

This is a typical Norwegian packed (now opened) lunch. Just add milk.

Now, while my husband lovingly prepared me this, eh, delicatessen last night (along with packed lunches for all our kids), it somehow doesn't seem at all appealing now.. I was meant to eat it at work, of course. And I'd be so hungry I'd think it looked truly delicious. [This would be as long as I didn't glance at H's lunch - he's a colleague and always has at least this: 6 slices of somekindofveryrecentlybakedbreadfromthebaker's, with any amount of tantalising stuff spread on them. And yoghurt. And fruit. And a pint of milk, a cup of tea, a cup of coffee (just brewed, of course). Still, I'm usually through with my lunch before he has time to sit down..]

Anyway. I'm not at work. I'm at home, feeling sorry for myself. And my tastebuds have gone off to wherever tastebuds go for the weekend. Which leads me back to the above photo.. Lunch, anyone?


Rarity said...

Well, congrats on the blog, it looks just wonderful!

Hope you feel well soon!

- In just a matter of hours I'll be following the great example of your tastebuds, and go away for the weekend. Maybe I'll see them in Østfold? If I do, I'll tell them to return, so you can enjoy a fancy Grandiosa Pizza on saturday... ;o)

Børge Skråmestø said...

Omigod. Looks delicious to me! Exactly the down to earth Norwegian food I miss so much here in Lisbon.

Scholiast said...

Børge - It's settled then, you go ahead and have it :) Only I don't think it will keep if I post it..

Rarity - thanks a million!