20 September 2005

Did you know?

A quad family is almost like The Spanish Inquisition.

No, really. Just listen - Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, right?!

Surprise, fear, ruthless efficiency, and an almost fanatical devotion to the pope...

Such diverse elements... We were obviously surprised to learn we were expecting quads! Then there was fear, as they were born way too early, and we didn't know if they were going to live or die. (The blue blankets in this photo are actually handkerchiefs!)

Ruthless efficiency is a must. In fact, I don't think God gives you quads if you aren't totally systematic and knows how to keep discipline around the house..

The pope? Oh, I just threw in that bit not to let the Pythons down..

And I guess I could throw in Pride and Prejudice for good measure - ours were the first quads in Norway this Millennium!
People often say "are they identical quads? They're all exactly alike, how charming!" - which they're not. At. All. Especially for not spotting the girl I suspect they just expect them to be 1/4 of a human each. But they're four very individual individuals indeed. Didn't you know?

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Rarity said...

But, what a lovely Inquisition it is!