19 September 2005

Different perspectives

When I was studying in England there were students from basically everywhere on campus. (No, not everywhere on campus, but everywhere in the world, staying on campus..)

Before end of term we'd discuss what plans we had. Most of us were going home to see our parents. Equally un-interesting, you may think. But, oh no! Myself I was going to
Lofoten. (Which is beautiful, but not that warm...)

Others were going home to, say, Bali. Or Dublin. Or Greece, even
Crete! And pretending it was just as boring as anything! Have they no respect? Admittedly, 25-year-olds don't, as a rule, find it dreadfully exciting going home to their families. But "having to go" to some Paradise or other, even if it's infested with family, how could I feel sorry for them?

Now, I would have given my right arm to be going "home" to Crete. (Just a thought, ok, I actually need both my arms..) My hubby's only flaw is that he is, in fact, Norwegian...

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