21 September 2005

I've got a brother

Not a lot of people know that about me! My mum and sister were really surprised when I introduced them... Now - don't let that lead you into thinking my dad had anything to do with it either - he was just as surprised when I told him.

The thing is, we adopted eachother, way back in time when
Josh & Josh were probably still in preschool. He needed a big sister and I needed a little brother, so what better? We were in limbo in England together - wanting to cut off our studies and return home, but at the same time not wanting to quit...

We held eachother up and stayed put through university. These days he's on his THIRD (sic!) Master degree, this time in South Africa. Congratulations on becoming a triple mix grand master or whatever it is your turning into at the end of term!

And happy birthday tomorrow, little bro' - many happy returns! Thank you for being you.

love, sis

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