19 September 2005


I now crave for things I hadn't even heard about until recently. Like an iPod (a U2 iPod, to be precise). And an iTrip. And everything else that goes with it...

I also crave for things that it's really not wise if I actually got. Like a diner / snooker table..

I really, really wish I could get a table like this! Only - it wouldn't fit in our house, would it? And even if we could squeeze it in - there'd not be enough space left to actually play snooker...

Until I was 15 or so, I think I always got the things I really wanted (which excludes quite a lot). Like my first stereo rack, that I bought right before the nose of my best friend who'd been saving up to it forever.. (She did get one too, of course, but only a week later, when they'd ordered another one.. But we're still friends!)

Obviously, my 15th birthday was last millennium. And my last wish fulfilled...?

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