19 September 2005

How little piano playing resembles swimming

(Or riding a bike, for that matter.. )

We recently bought a piano. Here, have a look :) You can tell it's new by the lustre that still lingers. It's black and shiny no matter if this photo tries to say otherwise..

I used to play the piano. Quite a few years, actually. And now, with a piano in the house, all those fingerbreaking practices will prove they were worth the while, right?

Wrong. Even 'Für Elise' and other - quite simple, really - pieces turn out to twitch my fingers. AND I must have forgotten how to read sheet music. At least the bass clef, which my left hand sort of seems a little lost without.

Now, my hubby played piano for years and years when he was younger. But surely his fingers are as surprised as mine about having a piano to cling to? Not so. He plays You'll Never Walk Alone almost as beautifully as its sung on the Kop. Life's just not fair...

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