21 June 2006

Waking Wednesday

Guess where I spent this morning..?

Status: no cavities, no tartar, the last remaining wisdom tooth is staying put... And only a slither of a scolding from my otherwise very charming Nicaraguan dentistesse for brushing my teeth too hard.

I know, slightly more information than you wanted just now...

But hey, the waiting room had some nice artwork, at least!

Back at work, I'm working (sic!) on football terms (very topical issue...), relieved England won't have to meet Germany in the last 16 - at least not until the final. They may get there!?!!

Ah, yes, I digress. Because I've also been thinking about new words to add. We've already got stuff like LOL - but I want to add things like 'bluddy', 'blogling' (Sam and I have a different definition than Collins, apparently) or 'bliend' amongst others.

Now, I can't really do that unless it's been used by some official sources, so I wondered if any of you have seen such blog terms of endearment being used by, say, a newspaper, online dictionary or other? Do put a link or hint in the comments.. (Sorry Sam, your blog is excellent stuff, but not quite the official standard of British language. Yet...)


Sam said...

I just made it up because I wanted a term of endearment to describe my readers, I'm sure some people elsewhere must have thought of it too...

tksheikh said...

Those pictures you linked me to are amazing. I would love to wake up to that everyday.

I used to hate going to the dentist. Eventhough I always get told to floss more often.

Take care!

kimananda said...

Yeah on the clean dental bill of health! :-)

Josh K. said...

No cavities!


Though I will say this about having cavities drilled: getting laughing gas is amaaaaaaaaaaaazing. If I had the money, I'm sure I'd be an addict by now.