30 January 2008

Famous whisky

Perhaps "cheating" a little, this isn't actually from Edinburgh, but we started out in Edinburgh... And our busride took us within sight of the Highlands! Then turned right and set us off by the Famous Grouse distillery at Glenturret. (Where it turned out they're not actually making Famous Grouse at all, but Glenturret malt whisky, but you could have fooled me...)
(See? Rufus was there with me...)
Loved, loved, loved these little explanatory cartoons...
Note to self: Don't try whisky chocolate mousse and whisky ice cream unless you've started to like whisky. Urggh.. But it did look nice :)

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blackcrag said...

Oh! I'll have it! I'll have it!

I recently found out the one town in Scotland I remember having family in (great-aunts and cousins) is home to a Johnny Walker distillery.