30 January 2008

I met my childhood!

If anyone was watching, they may have found the following scenario slightly peculiar. It happened the other day. I was walking down the pavement towards my boat. A woman came up the pavement. Neither of us spoke, but as we got closer, we both opened our arms wide, and gave eachother a great, big hug. And another. As we hug, there is suddenly summer all around, and I'm about ten years old.

(Do you remember that scene from The Fisher King, where all the people at Grand Central station suddenly started waltzing together, for a brief moment, as our hero was watching his loved one walk past? It was just like that. Only without the music.)

No, I haven't completely lost it...

The woman was a vital part of my childhood summers. Every year until I was twelve, we'd spend summer at this island off the Swedish west coast. Every summer I'd play with this woman's sons and their cousins. I haven't seen her since then, but it was just like we'd never been apart.

And then winter returned, and I had to swish off to catch the boat and get the kids from school.

But we've got a lunch "date". Summer will return!


Devil Mood said...

Wow, that was intense!
I loved that...

Chloe said...

you have a boat?!
i am stunned!
and the old friend part is very exciting, but you have a boat!

Scholiast said...

No, dear, sorry to disappoint you - I was just referring to my ordinary means of public transportation :)

blackcrag said...

Meeting up with old friends is always a good thing. Sounds like a good reunion.