22 March 2008

Life does go on

I'm not talking about my life, it goes on quite well and there may even be news to follow, but nothing much to blog about (yet).

No, I have been thinking about the couple I wrote about a while back (November?) - where one (50+) seemed happy to be fussing about his husband (60+)? Who seemed to be on his last legs.

Well, he was. He died in February. The obit read:

My dearly beloved husband
and the love of my life,
(...) died peacefully, quietly and
beautifully at home

50+ was back on the boat, commuting, within a week. And this week I saw him smile again...

Edit: Yes, DevilMood, both men :)


Devil Mood said...

Oh :(
I'm a little confused about the pronouns...were they two men? I didn't got that idea from the first post.
But it's nice that he smiled again.

kimananda said...

How sad! I was hoping from the original post that it wasn't anything like this. But my hopes were clearly not meant to be.