06 May 2008


My friends were beyond themselves because I picked them up at the airport, took them through Ikea and other shops and on to their new home in this country.

I just felt honoured that of all their friends, I was the one who got to do all this!

My friends tell me I'm brave, courageous even, for quitting my job and "roughing it" as a freelance translator.

I just feel a coward for not being able to stay in a 9-4 job...

My family tells me how great it is I signed up for this exam, and how well I will do!

I just feel apprehensive about the whole thing, and a little bit ashamed too, for leading people on to thinking I will actually stand a chance.

My friends and family tell me how great I look after losing so much weight!

I just glance in the mirror and can't picture that posing in a bikini in a few weeks time...

My common sense tells me that blogging, facebooking, groupie-ing (read: Rufus!) are for kids.

I'm too busy blogging (ok, maybe not lately...), facebooking and groupie-ing to notice.
But my friends and family seem to agree that life's ok! And knowing that in a few weeks time THIS will be home - even if only for 3 weeks - who am I to disagree?


Devil Mood said...

I know exactly what you mean about the job. People might think it's original of me to have a few parallel occupations, but deep down what I really dread is having a regular job. argh...
Maybe for once, you should really believe that what other people say is real. Particularly on that last bit, if Greece is your home, it is your home! :)

Chloe said...

you are not a coward. jobs have the ability to suck our souls and if yours did that, or you were afraid it might in the future, you did the right thing. We only live once. It's not worth bothering with jobs we don't like very much.