29 April 2008

Apparently this is what I like to do!

I stole this off Sam's. The only rule is - google "[your name] likes to" and see what you get! "Scholiast likes to" didn't have any hits, though, so this was originally with my (other...) name :)

Scholiast likes to show off and spend money like she has it
Scholiast likes to crack the whip when it comes to rehearsals but at least she's making sure you look like professionals
Scholiast likes to have a manicure, pedicure and facial with skin care
Scholiast likes to play long flowing lines, but Chicago's fans would hardly know it
Scholiast likes to take a well-earned break and perform for large crowds of "grown ups" at the Big Hoo-Haa!
Scholiast likes to shop for England And loves wine
Scholiast likes to curl up with a little cider and her address book for some correspondence
Scholiast likes to write stories
Scholiast likes to do all of the big stuff and then when it comes to the aftermath thinks its ok for the characters to fade into the background
Scholiast likes to call me

I wonder who "me" is...

1 comment:

Devil Mood said...

I'm sure it is Rufus. I'm 100% sure :)

I did this a long time ago and it was funny. I liked you curling up with cider. lol sounds strange.