14 August 2008

Meet Humphrey

He may well be my new best friend. He's a week old today, and he already recognises me by my fingerprint. (Which possibly everybody else have been doing for years already, but I just love it!) Summer came, I quit my job, and our old computer died. That being said - we left for Crete shortly after (posts will follow...) and I'm realising I haven't really missed online life (!). Sure, I've checked emails on my mobile. Emails, and the gossip & transfer columns from English Premier League...

Now I'm back online I'm scaringly indifferent. Still... This is the 8th week of holidays, though, I'm sure next week's return to school (kids) and work may bring out the need to yet again stay up half the night to hammer away at a keyboard. Right, Humphrey?


Anonymous said...

You're back!!! :-)


Devil Mood said...

Look who it is! No, not Humphrey, you!
I got the card, thanks :) I'm sure you'll be feeling refreshed now and ready to start your new exciting job :D
I wouldn't miss my computer neither if only my mobile had those abilities ;)