24 April 2007

Just imagine

Just before Easter, hubby and I went out to a concert. (Yes! With no kids!) You can't really see much in this video, but his voice stands out, and you might even recognize the song? No, I'm not pulling your leg trying to sell you some local hero, it's a world star, promise :)

As I was watching the band (good show, by the way, I love his music), I thought - just imagine what it would be like to do this for a living. To be able to do what you like most of all, with your friends, and have people pay for it and even applaud!

And then I thought, I wouldn't really want to be on a stage, though... And I wouldn't want 8-10,000 people watching me work, no matter how friendly they were.

So finally, it got down to this. I'm in this cozy, friendly, sunny, music-filled room, with lots of computers, and my bloglings sitting around fiddling with their own computers. Noone is applauding, but we're showing eachother fun stuff that we find, or brilliant stuff that we're writing, and there's a lot of oohing and aaahing. And this is our dayjob.

How about that, anyone? (Update: You're spot on, Just sayin', it's good old Bob Dylan!)


kimananda said...

Sounds good to me! (your version, not the whole rock star thing)...if only it could pay the bills. ;-)

Devil Mood said...

My dream job!! :)
I wanted to be a singer when I was a kid but now I know I could never put up with so much exposure, you need to have a strong ego.
I didn't recognize the artist :(

Claire said...

Are you hiring? I'm in! :)

I'm just sayin' said...

is that a Bob Dylan tune? I am going to see Rod Stewart tonight.