20 April 2007

Perhaps it's not quite as bad as I thought...

Last night I was just about to turn off the telly and turn to my beloved computer, when Nanny 911 (or some such show) came on. And the story was too close to home for me to turn it off... The mum (i.e. the main problem...) was like an amplified me! Not exactly mother Teresa. She was henpecking husband and kids constantly. Now, I don't go around believing I do that all the time, but some of the situations - esp. her being sarcastic to her kids - were uncomfortably familiar.

I watched till the end of the show to learn what to do. A revolutionary thought, that'd set it alright! But no, nothing extraordinary. She was just told to stop it... I've figured that one out myself, I'm not always that good at it, though. [Incidentally, her husband was the type that enjoyed doing manly things, like lifting heavy objects and spitting. Conversation not included. As far from my hubby as you can get, actually, which is probably why our family seems to work a little better!]

But to see if I'm such a horrid person I took this test that EllasDevil just did too:

Envy:Very Low
Lust:Very Low

- And it turns out I'm almost angelical, see? Ok, a bit of a sloth... (I didn't need a test to find that out!) And possibly they didn't ask the right questions to get me out on thin ice?

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz yourself and see what's your worst...

1 comment:

Devil Mood said...

My worst sin is Sloth too. It figures. I only have two lows, the rest are medium. I'm just...NO GOOD! I guess it helps to have a settled life and a nice husband, of course ;)