16 April 2007

Scholiast trivia II

This, my dear bloglings, is my 400th post, apparently. Hurrah! Etc. So far I've had a little over 16,000 visitors altogether (or since I installed Statcounter, at least). Which is about as many as Josh & Josh have in a day...

But I did a calculation (hurrah! again...), and it means I've had 40 visitors to every post. Some of them really aren't that memorable, and there has never been as many as 40 comments to one post (unlike people like Chloe...), so I'm actually rather pleased with it all!

Hip hip Hurrah!
(The painting is actually called "hip, hip hurra" and was made by P.S. Krøyer)


Chloe said...

may you reach 10.000 posts.
if you want to have 40 comments in one post, you'd better leave that same post on for a month. that's how i do it anyway. people get sick of it and eventually they ALL leave a comment he he :)

Devil Mood said...

Chloe is being ironic but she has a point - I notice that too, sometimes I leave a post longer just because I'm stubborn!
Congratulations anyway :)

Violet said...

Yep, I reckon there's a bit of an art to getting maximum commentage on one's postage.