23 July 2007

No reason to sleep, really

I made this snippet at 1 AM one night, filming the surroundings of our rented flat. No photoshopping, that's the actual light. Of course, you can't see the sun itself in my hometown, the mountains surrounding it's too high - but go on top of them, or out to sea, and you will...

If you'd like to visit the same place in daytime, try this one.

Yes, I know, I was mumbling. Trying not to sound too mad out there ;)


Claire said...

That's amazing. (Well, not to you since it's your hometown...) It's getting dark around 9 PM here now.

The depth of field on the daylight vid makes the buildings look like models- a cool effect but it seems unreal.

Viz said...

Hi scholiast,
found your blog by chance.
If you are still learning greek, I sugest you a great blog ( in terms of writen speech)


Devil Mood said...

Great to hear your voice - do I detect an american accent?? ;)
Lovely place and I'd be a lunatic there. Oh and I got your postcard, thanks! I guess it makes for a great place to be born on: you and bacalhau :)