03 July 2007

RIP, beloved iPod

Sunday, while my friend M and I were jubilantly receiving the body of Rufus in Gothenburg, someone broke into our car and stole - my iPod. And M's money, credit cards, keys (to everywhere, basically), driver's licence etc. etc.

I miss my iPod. And the 4,000 songs in it. And the cover Filip had once made for it... I'll get some insurance money back, but not this iPod, of course. M will have her things restored - eventually. But the hassle... And the annoying bit of walking through all of Gothenburg at night only to find the main police station was closed. *Sigh*

Through it all, we were never completely discouraged. I even held my spirits (and eyes!) up while driving home, shipping M off with the 05:30 boat from here and returning home as hubby was getting ready for work... After all, Monday was my first day of holidays.

And Rufus ... was absolutely fabulous!


Devil Mood said...

Thank God for Rufus, otherwise what a nightmare :(
4000 lovely songs, that's sad :( That's why my mp3 is such a piece of crap, pardon my language, no-one would want to steal it. Same goes for my mobile.

Claire said...

That sucks. My car's been broken into before and it's a total drag. I would've been immensely annoyed to find the main police station closed.

Glad the concert ameliorated the experience for you though!

Eric said...

The up-side to this is that now you have the perfect excuse to go out and buy one of those fancy new iPhones as a replacement!

Chloe said...

how awful! ipods are so personal, it's like stealing your knickers, but, erm, more expensive.