07 December 2007

and again!

Rufus in Oslo, April 3rd Afterwards, we waited for Rufus to come out (no pun intended!)
First there were the bandmembers - here Cameron,
Si with Louis, Me with Gerry Leonard (used to play with Bowie!) -

and then...This time! Just a handful of people waiting, and Rufus took his time with us... And wondered if we'd followed him from Berlin!
Rufus and Simon (yes, Si, you do look like the happy couple!)
--- and the concert was fabulous too, yes, thank you very much for asking ...!

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Devil Mood said...

That is LOVE!

The other day I read a column about a journalist that was running all around Lisbon trying to find him, but she didn't manage to see him. She was sad. She should've taken tips from you.