12 December 2007

Do I disappoint me?

I still feel alright about me. But I also feel trapped in a song from Chess...

I finally got the tattoo I've been wanting* - yay! And Liverpool celebrates it too by marching on in Champions League... (Yes, DevilMood, so did your beloved Porto!)
I've lost 13 out of the 14 kilos I said I wanted to lose - yay! And I plan to continue...

I'm also still with the man of my dreams (who not only tolerates my crush on Rufus, but finds it rather amusing so helps me keeping it up...) and we've got the lovely bunch of kids we wanted.

I'm still at that job I always wanted - yay!

And we've even booked our summer holidays in Crete next summer, where this will be our view for 3 weeks (except that I'll be under the sea most of the time...):

So why are these the lines now almost continually running through my head, like a muttering;
Now I'm where I wanna be
and who I wanna be
and doing what I always said I would and
yet I feel I haven't won at all!

Could it be I somehow feel I had the makings for even more? What could possibly be more?
I still haven't figured this one out, may take some time...
* go to no. 36 ...


Devil Mood said...

It's all good! :)
Congratulations on the weight lost, that was quite a lot. It's not easy, especially in this time of the year. I always want to eat more.

The tattoo is hard to miss!! :)

I think Scorpios are constantly unsatisfied deep down because they want some transcendental fusion with the world that isn't easy to achieve, unless you're a monk or something like that. ;)

Friend said...

Hmm... 39, goin' on 40, are we??

Congrats on a series of great success; hope you will find a suitable way to enjoy it ;_)

Merujo said...

I agree with Devil Mood - Scorpios *are* constantly seeking more connections. I personally still haven't figured out what I'm going to be when I grow up...

Nice tattoo - I've always been too chicken to get one myself. If I got one, though, it would be my mom's wings from WWII.

Cheers from this side of our incredibly small world. ;)

Anonymous said...

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