05 December 2006

Tell me about what you dream of

Yet another Tuesday Tale (I think I've nearly exhausted their funds now...). Favourite -

My current one. I get to play with words as much as I like. I have access to all the dictionaries I want - if we haven't got them, I can buy them. And if there are words I need to find out about I'm allowed to spend time googling for it (or posting it on my blog for you to help me out!). I get to work from home 4 days a week. Ok, it won't make me a millionaire. And we've got five weeks holidays a year, not, say, ten - but truly, how could I dream of more?

I don't think anyone will be surprised if I bring Greece into this... Crete, to be more precise, and Chania, to be very specific. This photo's from Gramvousa, the northwestern tip of Crete (check out a map and you'll know what I mean). It's absolutely paradisiac! In an ideal world, we'd go to Crete for an entire summer. The kids would be friends all the time and befriend some Greek kids to keep them company. (Which would explain their non-fighty-ness..) We'd be staying right by the beach, and we'd have friends coming over every so often. And there would be nothing to worry about - financially or concerning health. I wouldn't have to wish for nice weather - it would be, in Crete, in the summer. And I wouldn't have to wish that hubby and I stayed friends all the time - we always are... Leading me straight on to the next point:

Ideal mate & best friend? My hubby. Noone would come even close. His only flaw - and I admit it's a big one, but still - is that he isn't Greek...

- And as 'mate' (at least in British English) also means 'chum, buddy' I'll throw in how much I appreciate all my friends - IRL & in the blogosphere. Life's so much more fun with you guys! In my dreams I would have more time for each one...

Well, now... There are so many... The one we've got really isn't bad at all. We've got 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a spacious enough garden for all our little footballers... But I wouldn't mind if it was twice the size... So, in an ideal world, we'd have one built just like we want it - living room big enough for a snooker diner (...), one room for each child, a separate office, guest room .... In this ideal world, of course, we'd also have a villa or at least a flat of our own in Crete... But in this world, our house is good enough, methinks! But I can dream, right?!

Snooker player whose birthday it is today (Ok, I threw this one in for good measure...)
Ronnie O'Sullivan, of course! Happy birthday!!!

And I dream that you win the UK Championship tournament that started yesterday...

So - what are you're current dreams?


Devil Mood said...

I wish I knew...lol
It's great to have dreams because they throw you in the right direction. I have a lot of dreams but at the moment they're very blurry.
But I love your job! :)

Anonymous said...

Well you are right. Crete and Chania is realy a paradise. I spend a month at Stavros Crete and visited the cape of Gramvousa. I have to admit that this is the place!!!