03 December 2006

100 things about yours truly

1. Restricted to one answer I might give you a hundred.
2. Granted a hundred I may just fall short...
3. But then I may not.
4. I'm no fan of short sentences.
5. I like blogging a lot.
6. I've got 5 blogs.
7. My niece, father, brother-in-law (sister's husband) and sister-in-law (hubby's twin sister) have also got blogs.
8. My mum, sister and niece reads this blog regularly (hi!).
9. My dear hubby doesn't.
10. I expect he knows what I'm doing most days anyway.
11. I've also got four registered domains.
12. I intend to take over all the world's
http://www.scholiast/... Moohaha.
13. Just kidding.
14. None of the homepages are operative, though...
15. I would love to learn more about webdesign.
16. I would love to learn something about webdesign is what I really mean...
17. Blogging is a great way to meet new people.
18. Like
Oscar Wilde, I always like to know everything about my new friends, and nothing about my old ones.
19. Actually, I quite like knowing about the old ones too...
20. At least their birthdays.
21. I'm a birthday-autist (is that a word?), meaning I'll remember your birthday if I've ever been told the date.
22. I'll remember your birthday 20 years from now too.
23. That is, if Alzheimer's hasn't set in.
24. And I'm addicted to quotes.
25. I can quote movie lines and song lyrics at any given moment and without further notice.

26. I may not stop even if you ask nicely.
27. I'm not as kind as I'd like to be.
28. I'd really, really like a snooker / dining table.
29. Sigh.

30. Three of our sons are getting pretty good at shooting pool.
31. We've only got a kiddy pool table.
32. They need a proper table.
33. Hubby agrees on this.
34. He's already pretty good at pool.
35. We're planning an extension to the house.
36. Not exactly for the table, but still.
37. We could squeeze it in.
38. Probably couldn't afford it anyway.
39. The table or the extension, that is.
40. But I can dream, can't I?
41. I like filling in forms.
42. That may explain all the e-mail addresses and domains...
43. ... And why I love having those phone calls from the National Bureau of Statistics or somewhere and answer their silly questions about who I voted for last and what brand shampoo I use.
44. I've always voted since I was old enough.
45. My parents told me it was my duty, and I agreed.
46. I'm not that interested in party politics, though.
48. The world, on the other hand, I quite like.
49. More for geography and travelling than political science.
50. But it's a start?!
51. I love games like Passport and Trivial Pursuit.
52. I get really embarrassed if I get the more obvious answers wrong.
53. But I pretend I just haven't got a competitive nature...
54. Truthfully, I like games more as a challenge and for social reasons than for winning.
55. Playing Monopoly, buying a row of streets, 4 hotels and then watching everybody else go bankrupt and fall out of the game in 10 minutes isn't my thing.
56. Hmm. Maybe I've got a feminine side after all.
57. I've got three handbags. Maybe even four. I don't use any of them.
58. Rucksacks are more practical, and better for your posture.
59. Did I mention my mum's a physiotherapist?
60. I wear clothes not to freeze and feed so as not to go hungry.
61. Meaning I've got no idea what brands my clothes are, and I don't care much if the food looks like a bunch of flowers or a piece of junk...
62. I do get passionate about some things, though.
62. And some people... ;)

63. My favourite author and I are e-mailing on occasion. And he recommends me books he likes - not just his own..
64. My favourite band considers me their most "ancient" and loyal fan.
65. I've got their phone numbers, but only use them to text birthday messages...
66. There's no such thing as background music.
67. If it's the kind of thing that doesn't sound good on it's own, it's not worth listening to.
68. I still haven't smashed the kids' Crazy Frog CDs.
69. Maybe I've got a kind streak after all.
70. And I like giving things away.
71. It's a lot of fun planning presents and watching the receivers' faces!
72. Planning anything is a lot of fun.
73. I've planned a lot of my travels in detail beforehand.
74. I've planned even more trips I'll never be going on, just for the fun of it.
75. I like to escape life for a bit, even if it's in my head.
76. Life isn't bad at all, though, so I like returning as well.

77. Hubby and I said we'd have between 4 and 10 kids before we had any.
78. Five kids make a lot of noise.
79. Five kids also make for a whole lot of hugs, though.
80. I still go week at the knees (or is it the ovaries?) when I see babies.
81. Really looking forward to grandchildren now ;)
82. In the meantime I borrow other people's babies.
83. May I borrow yours?
84. I'll bring it back later. Promise.
84. My soul is very weak at other points.
85. I work from home.
86. There's biscuit and chocolate in the kitchen.
87. Say no more!
88. I feel convinced I'd stay thin if I for some reason turned thin one day.
89. We won't find out, will we, before liposuction is a dollar a thigh..
90. I'm not too concerned, though.
91. My hubby's the best and he's happy.
92. I'm happy too :)
93. I'm very lucky I found him.
94. If you're planning to have quads, a soulmate with an extraordinary work capacity is a must.
95. A sense of humour doesn't hurt either.
96. Feeding our quads (back in time) - for the second time at night, at 06.00 - we'd laugh at eachother and say "we've still got our excellent wits!"
97. I know. I'm pretty amazed myself.
98. Reaching a hundred was harder than I though, so I skipped # 47.
99. I suddenly thought of something, though, so there are double 62's and 84's..
100. There!


Scholiast said...

Those aren't our babies - I need to scan in some more old photos, methinks..

"D" said...

wow! You did it! No, I didn't notice the missing # or the doubles! Duh! I NEVER remember anyones birthday, it's a shame really. Mine is 12/26 though if you are so inclined to remember! It still boggles me that you have quads. Is it easier now that they are getting older or is it still insane most days?

Devil Mood said...

101. you cheated there a bit! lol ;)

That was great! You are fun :) Your babies had dark hair there :) I can't imagine what it must've been like when they were born...
I've done something like this in the beginning of my blog, last year. I'd put the link here but I'm both lazy and a useless at linkage :P that's 2 facts!