23 July 2007

No reason to sleep, really

I made this snippet at 1 AM one night, filming the surroundings of our rented flat. No photoshopping, that's the actual light. Of course, you can't see the sun itself in my hometown, the mountains surrounding it's too high - but go on top of them, or out to sea, and you will...

If you'd like to visit the same place in daytime, try this one.

Yes, I know, I was mumbling. Trying not to sound too mad out there ;)

21 July 2007


... and the only things worth mentioning we forgot to bring north were - my address book (all cards written, but will be sent ... after tomorrow) and all the kids' tooth brushes...

Luckily one of my childhood friends is now a food store manager (or whatever it's called) and Saturday night = closed shop did, of course, not stop her from rushing to our rescue :)

All photos not yet uploaded, but a quick preview! Coming in the harbour of my hometown.

06 July 2007

Going up north

In 24 hours, exactly, we'll be sailing in this harbour. According to the weather forecast, it will stay like this for a while still - hopefully they're right!
Looking the other direction, also at 9 PM, you can see the sun is still high. And it won't set until July 22nd - sunny weather or not...

Haven't been 'home' for three years! Can't wait to be back and breathe properly again...

03 July 2007

Rebel prince

Rufus - what a beautiful child... When you look good in lederhosen there is no limit! (The keenest observers may notice that the shoes he wore with the striped suit are exactly like mine! It must be fate...)
He came in, the band already playing - and released the star for us... I was so close I could count his cavities (didn't see any!), and his sweat - I know, it may not sound delightful, but... The room was sweltering and, well, we were all pretty warm. Or hot, as the guy next to me shouted to Rufus that he was. 'Well, thank you', Rufus said, shyly...
No words can describe a Rufus concert. You must all go out and experience it!

RIP, beloved iPod

Sunday, while my friend M and I were jubilantly receiving the body of Rufus in Gothenburg, someone broke into our car and stole - my iPod. And M's money, credit cards, keys (to everywhere, basically), driver's licence etc. etc.

I miss my iPod. And the 4,000 songs in it. And the cover Filip had once made for it... I'll get some insurance money back, but not this iPod, of course. M will have her things restored - eventually. But the hassle... And the annoying bit of walking through all of Gothenburg at night only to find the main police station was closed. *Sigh*

Through it all, we were never completely discouraged. I even held my spirits (and eyes!) up while driving home, shipping M off with the 05:30 boat from here and returning home as hubby was getting ready for work... After all, Monday was my first day of holidays.

And Rufus ... was absolutely fabulous!