09 May 2007

Excruciatingly embarrassing moments # 4711

(I did tell you of another such moment earlier on.) This isn't exactly a brand new embarrassing moment, but it feels fresh in my mind...

I was about 10, old enough to know about common decency but obviously not such a fan... I was with my mum, visiting one of her friends. Deep in the couch, reading a magazine while they were chatting. Now, this friend is perfectly adorable, warmer and more friendly than most. Yet this day what I was about to notice more about her than this, was her body shape.

She's big. She was, then, huge. I'd never really thought it over. But without looking up from my magazine, I said "this really really fat woman is dancing ballet!" - then immediately realized this woman wasn't even as fat as our friend. I quickly thought I'd add "but she's dancing ballet!", but didn't think it would make things better. I thought about adding "but she's at least ... kilos!", but I was sure our friend would weigh more. My mum gave me a look that kept me silent, and eventually (after what felt like months!!), they started chatting again. I felt numb. I felt like I weighed a ton, only - sadly - the floor didn't open for me.

Later, my mum said that our friend probably took it as a compliment, that I didn't think of her as fat. I appreciated the consolation efforts, mum, I'm still not sure, though, I just hope she's not still thinking about it the way I do...


Devil Mood said...

I have many embarrassing memories as well, I almost blush when remembering them. We were too young to control ourselves...but I still feel so foolish!

Rarity said...

Yes, I too remember doing the same exact thing (sligthly different circumstances but really the same). I was even a teenager, certainly should have known better - it's just that you forget that your friend is big, that's not what defines her for you... so somehow I think your mum is right - (and also what a wonderful person she seems to be!)

Did you happen to se Shallow Hal on TV the other day? It's a quite stupid, but a little cute too!

(Come to think of it, all my friends seem to be very beautiful looking people...)

Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad I am not the only one with such stories in their past!

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