12 May 2007

The 'film shooting'

This Monday the film team showed up as we arrived from school / work etc. The interviewer / director, the camera man, the sound man and the producer. The director had stopped by a few days earlier so the kids knew her a little. I still won't pretend the dinner conversation was free and easy as there was bright lighting, microphone and camera in between the pots and pans... After the dinner we all left, and the film crew first came with Anna and me to her ballet class.

From the filming of the ballet class

Afterwards, they went off to film Thomas, Mathias and Filip's football practice, while I went back to get Jakob and his best friend (who's with us most days after school). And they continued to film Jakob's training while I brought the other one's home.

Later, when everyone'd returned, and the kids were in their pyjamases, they were interviewed about "life, the universe and everything" - and more specifically, what life was like in a big family like ours.
The kids being interviewed downstairs - the sound man (by the wall) had an excellent sense of humour, and the kids loved him :) After spending the last few hours with them, the kids weren't really nervous about the interview either. And when everyone was in bed, they interviewed us about the same things.

The programme will be sent sometime this autumn. We'll be on for something like 6 minutes - so a few hours of shooting, 2 visits to us and calling the parent of every child on ballet and football (about 60) - quite a lot of work for so little! The whole programme is about half an hour, and is about children and stress. Apart from us, there'll be a sociologist talking about this, and a feature from the States (where else...) about personal coaches for kids, to make sure they'll end up super stars. Or something...

Anyway, it was a fun experience! Everything was so professional and well-planned and all, I'm impressed with the production team :) And we'll be able to see the programme when it's put together - to see if we approve. When it's finally aired, we'll let you know!


Devil Mood said...

Hehhe that sound man really looks funny :D
They must've been amazed at your family lifestyle, how everything has to be coordinated; more than you were amazed by their presence. Interesting day you all had :)

Merujo said...

Cool! You'll have to let me know when it will be on Norwegian TV - the Sasquatch might be on one of his visits to good ol' Norge then. You never know. :)

Merujo said...

I just found out from the Sasquatch that I can sign up to watch Norwegian TV online, for free. :) Cool.

And, before the day ends here, Happy (North American) Mother's Day to you!!


kimananda said...

I hope you let us know how we all can see it! :-)

Claire said...

That's a pretty good shooting ratio actually considering that a 100 minute studio-produced feature film usually takes 3 months of 12 hour days. Documentaries are far less predictable in that respect though.

I'm glad you had such a good experience.

Chloe said...

will you remember to send me the dvd? i'd love to see you all.