22 May 2007

San Francisco loves us!

Producing the nicest weather ever, according to the locals.

And we love it right back! The city is absolutely fabulous. Just thought I'd let you know! Oh, and my sister and nieces say hi too :)


Claire said...

glad you're having a good time!

Your shot was taken a few blocks from where I used to live. :)

Devil Mood said...

Oh, you're so lucky :)
I love those streets.
But are you going to watch the game tonight? :/ I think you'll find a way.

kimananda said...

That does look beautiful to the point of being slightly unseasonal. I'm so glad you're enjoying it, and vice versa! :-)

Christine Bakke said...

I know where that is! I was born just north of San Francisco and spent 5 years down in Santa Cruz. I love The City, especially on a nice day like that. Glad you're having a good time!