10 June 2007

Pier 39

We were told we were acting like real tourists, going to Pier 39. But we didn't take offense - we were real tourists... (Besides, Oxford street is very touristy, but if you're in London...) Pier 39 has great shopping (tourist stuff, that is...). It also had a number of chocolate / ice cream / refreshment places :o)
View from Pier 39 towards Coit tower and Transamerica pyramid View to Alcatraz and Angel island [thanks, Claire :) ] While we were shopping, we heard some really strange noises. My sister and I turned a corner, and - voilá! Sea lions, hundreds of them! We obviously hadn't read the right guidebooks, and didn't know about them, but there they were... Almost like being in the middle of a BBC nature programme. Only Mr. Attenborough was nowhere to be seen.
So - did I buy anything for myself? I did. I bought two pairs of these... One pair just like this one, magnificently captured in this photo by r (well, those are his, I guess, but mine are exactly the same).
... and this is Rufus, at the very end of this video, explaining about the Coit tower (forward to 4:10 if you just want that - although the song is good too, and his smile - great...)


rob said...

they are lovely shoes, aren't they :)

Claire said...

Yes, Angel island.

Merujo said...

Ah, the classic Converse Hi-Top. I love those shoes. I used to wear red ones in high school and college. :)

And, I know Fisherman's Wharf is touristy and all that, but it's fun. I love checking out the sea lions and having a sourdough boule filled with clam chowder. Yum.

Man, I would kill for a trip to San Francisco right about now. But I'm stuck in DC instead, alas.

BTW, takk for the postcard!! :)