26 June 2007

Says it all, really

We stress that our quads are individuals. And they're very different - by appearances and personalities! But somehow, they're glued together differently than other siblings... Last week Mathias and Thomas were going away to some birthday party, and Filip - unusually reflective - stated:
But I belong with them! And they are part of me!

... Before he went back to playing his brand new Nintendo DS Lite and relishing in a little alone time...


Devil Mood said...

Beautiful :)
I can't help but wonder how differently a quad and an only child approach relationships. I for one, belonging to the 2nd group, need to be alone a significant part of my day. I can't help it, it's in my genes.

D said...

I feel that way about my own children: we are a part of each other. The house never feels right if one of them is away on a sleepover...not that I don't enjoy the quieter moments but still, a peice of me goes with them. So now... you promised me a table of treats, whats the best thing to eat on your table???