05 February 2007

Diagnosis: offline

  • strongly diminished social skills (sic!)
  • severe restlessness
  • impatience
  • verge of madness

  • Foul (see photo)

Cure / Medication:

  • moan, wail and gnash teeth (check)
  • curse computer wiz (check)
  • curse internet supplier (check)
  • call computer wiz (check)
  • call internet supplier (check)
  • have internet supplier fix their lines (duh!) (check)
  • have computer wiz update router information after internet supplier replaced old modem (check)
  • curse internet supplier for offering that high-speed broadband connection just before Christmas without actually asking if your modem could take it (check)
  • keep cursing as nothing works anyway...
  • bill internet supplier for new modem and computer wiz’ working hours on the router [oh yes, will do, shortly!]

Survival expectancy: Surprisingly, yes… At least now I've got two days' work in town and online ahead of me...

Relapse expectancy: Absolutely none! Then I’d rather work in town every day… Or -
of course, being offline wouldn’t necessarily be intolerable…

... If this was where I was at...

(And no, of course I'm not spending my first day at work, online, blogging. I wrote this at home. In the weekend. In a textfile. Duh... And the computer wiz is coming around to my home office Wednesday morning. Hopefully all will be well after that...)


Devil Mood said...

Oh poor you :(
I know how you must be feeling. That photo is so inspiring, it nearly brought tears to my eyes. :)
Best of luck!

mum said...

Just a comment to the photo, ...knowing you might find me "evil": we have just booked almost three weeks at Aegina in June/July!
Love, Mum.
ps promise to be back before you all arrive!